Here you can find a selection of Doctor Wasabi’s electronic creations. Please follow my YouTube-Channel to stay up-to-date.

Electrique is the new Acoustique (Homerecording-Session)

“Evolution rose. And so did my electric embryos.”
A pleasing song about electronic music, synthetic sounds and the wish to share my love for music with my youngsters. A side blow to the current cultural exceptional conditions slipped into it, as well. (Released in March 2021)

Go East

This is a song about self-reflection and clean slate. (Released in January 2023)

Niemals geht man so ganz – Trude Herr Cover – Synthie-Pop Version by Doctor Wasabi (Homestudio-Act)

A superb title from the 80s that burned itself into my soul. For me this is the most ultimate song about growing up and saying goodbye. (Released in August 2021)

Doctor Wasabi: Friday Matador (Homerecording-Session)

This is a motivation song! It aims to activate your inner power to overcome any crisis in your life and kick your inner demons’ asses. Give it a try! (Released in December 2021)

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